%G-Code Assignment %O1234 (Letter O for formatting, number is job number) G20 (set units to inches) T01 (Select Tool 1) M06 (Tool Change) S1200 (Set RPM to 1200) M03 (Turn spindle on CW) (NUMBER 1) G00 X0 Y0 G01 X1.0 G01 X0.5 G01 Y2.0 G01 X0 Y1.75 (NUMBER 1) G00 X1.5 Y0 G01 X2.5 G01 X2.0 G01 Y2.0 G01 X1.5 Y1.75 (NUMBER 2) G00 X4.0 Y0 G01 X3.0 G01 X4.0 Y1.5 G03 X3.5 Y2.0 I-0.5 J0 G03 X3.0 Y1.5 I0 J-0.5 (NUMBER 9) G00 X4.5 Y0.5 G03 X5.0 Y0 I0.5 J0 G03 X5.5 Y0.5 I0 J0.5 G01 Y1.5 G03 X5.0 Y2.0 I-0.5 J0 G03 X4.5 Y1.5 I0 J-0.5 G03 X5.0 Y1.0 I0.5 J0 G03 X5.5 Y1.5 I0 J0.5 (NUMBER 5) G00 X6.0 Y0.33 G03 X6.33 Y0 I0.33 J0 G03 X7.0 Y0.67 I0 J0.67 G03 X6.33 Y1.34 I-0.67 J0 G03 X6.0 Y1.02 I0 J-0.33 G01 Y2.0 G01 X7.0 (LETTER M) G00 X8.0 Y0 G01 Y2.0 G01 X8.1 G01 X8.5 Y1.25 G01 X8.9 Y2.0 G01 X9.0 G01 Y0 (LETTER e) G00 X9.5 Y0.65 G01 X10.5 G03 X10.0 Y1.15 I-0.5 J0 G03 X9.5 Y0.65 I0 J-0.5 G03 X10.25 Y0 I0.65 J0 G03 X10.5 Y0.25 I0 J0.25 (LETTER l) G00 X11.25 Y0 G01 Y2.0 G01 X11.0 (LETTER a) G00 X12.5 Y0.25 G03 X12.75 Y0 I0.25 J0 G00 X12.5 Y0.25 G01 Y0.375 G02 X12.125 Y0 I-0.375 J0 G02 X11.75 Y0.375 I0 J0.375 G02 X12.125 Y0.75 I0.375 J0 G02 X12.5 Y0.375 I0 J-0.375 G01 Y0.75 G03 X12.0 Y1.15 I-0.4 J0 G03 X11.75 Y0.9 I0 J-0.25 (LETTER m) G00 X13.25 Y0 G01 Y1.25 G00 X13.25 Y0.95 G02 X13.5 Y1.2 I0.25 J0 G02 X13.75 Y0.95 I0 J-0.25 G01 Y0 G00 X13.75 Y0.95 G02 X14 Y1.2 I0.25 J0 G02 X14.25 Y0.95 I0 J-0.25 G01 Y0 (LETTER e) G00 X14.75 Y0.65 G01 X15.75 G03 X15.25 Y1.15 I-0.5 J0 G03 X14.75 Y0.65 I0 J-0.5 G03 X15.4 Y0 I0.65 J0 G01 X15.5 G03 X15.75 Y0.25 I0 J0.25 (LETTER d) G00 X17.25 Y0.5 G03 X16.75 Y1.0 I-0.5 J0 G03 X16.25 Y0.5 I0 J-0.5 G03 X16.75 Y0 I0.5 J0 G03 X17.25 Y0.5 I0 J0.5 G00 X17.25 Y2.0 G01 Y0 G00 X18 Y0 M05 M30